Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Drawers

ImageEvery once in a while, I leave the drawers of my chest-of-drawer partially open an inch or so, to allow air to flow in and keep everything fresh; it seems to prevent any build up of unpleasant aromas from the various things inside.  Although everything is clean, and everything is there by MY design, I feel it’s good to let in fresh air to these otherwise closed places.

And that got me to thinking…  as Christians we are assured of our salvation… Jesus has come into our lives and set them up as he chooses (at least that’s the plan).   As we grow spiritually, our hearts and minds begin to take in lots of clean stuff: grace, goodness, meekness, patience, etc., etc.

If we’re not careful, however, our hearts and minds (the drawers for the sake of analogy) can become closed, to the point that we are no longer as effective for the Lord as we need to be.  If they remain closed too long, some unpleasantness will develop: prejudice, hatred, anger, pride, uncooperative spirit, and the list goes on.

Our hearts and minds, then, need to be aired out.  The “drawers” need to be opened by God through Bible study, prayer, listening to others, learning from others, acceptance of those who are different.  While holding to our core beliefs and doctrines and our Savior, we let in the fresh air of God’s spirit to motivate us, invigorate us, and move us to be better servants.

The occasional earthquake notwithstanding, drawers do not open themselves; they need to be opened by the owner.   Our hearts and minds are the same; they need to be opened by our Lord.  And yet, God will not open our hearts and minds without our willingness, at least not usually.

I encourage you to ask the Lord to show you which areas of your life need to be opened up and aired out.  Trust the Holy Spirit to breathe fresh air into your heart and mind.

Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart!


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